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Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Need a chain link fence? Fencing Solutions' chain link fences are most popular with commercial property owners who want quality and security while maintaining visibility. Chain link fences feature metal posts and interlocking metal wire as well as secure gates. They're commonly seen in fields, yards, and industrial facilities, and they require little to no maintenance. If your fence gets damaged, repairs are simple. Chain link fences are also easy to remove and switch to a new location. Fencing Solutions serves properties in the Tampa Bay area and beyond with quality chain link fences.

We also have residential fence offerings—for some homeowners, a chain link fence serves as a trellis for vines and other climbing plants. They may also make good fences for pets, but they do not provide privacy.

Types of Chain Link

Fencing Solutions carries a chain link fence for every need in various colors, heights, and styles. Our options include:


Galvanized chain link fences have a more industrial appearance and are typically used commercially. They are a lower cost choice that typically lasts 12 years or more with no maintenance necessary.

Vinyl coated

Vinyl coated chain link fences feature a vinyl coating around the metal chain links that protects them from rust. The option is often used for residences--as well as for commercial properties that want a more polished fence, but it is a higher cost option than galvanized chain link. Typically, the vinyl coatings on chain link fences come in black, green, or brown.

Barbed wire

For your security needs, we offer chain link fences with barbed wire to keep out unwelcome visitors. Barbed wire can be added to any type of chain link. Three or six strands of barbed wire at an angle ensure your fence provides maximum protection.

Ready for your chain link fence?

If your property needs a chain link fence, contact Fencing Solutions today. We can provide materials if you want to do it yourself, or our professional contractors can install your fence for you. All fence installation by our licensed general contractors comes with a one-year workmanship warranty.

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